This project is about rediscovering Pratt as a Pratt student. Researching Pratt by using different types of thinking tools, come up with question, issues, and thoughts. Develop questions to be investigated, identify audience. Then visual investigate these questions and present three concepts that could answer them. Refine and pick one from three concepts, figure out the best solution to a specific question, explain reasons, thinking process, and how they will help me make decisions in design.

What I found about Pratt is that 1. off campus students feel strong disconnection because of the spare activities/clubs, 2.  poor wayfinding system in buildings and campus 3. poor functionality of school's website and phone APP. Then I figure out the best way to solve all those problems is designing a APP which would enhance the connection between school and students( not aim at social networking ), emphasize on promoting academic atmosphere, allow students to take advantage of Pratt resources, and apply GPS to this APP so it could deal with some detail problems in terms of the complexity of floor plans that inside Pratt buildings.


Here is a brief look of the process book.